Sewell Pre Owned - Buyer Beware!

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BUYER BEWARE!Went to look at a gorgeous (at first glance...) 2011 used Buick Enclave.

Fully loaded, price was staggering, but I figured there would be Plenty of room for negotiation...My brother went with me to look car over, and found painter's tape on the passenger door and down the side of the lower molding. Upon further inspection, he seen where the bolts in the door had been removed, and the door would not shut straight/flush and dropped about an inch when opened. It was so obvious it had been in a wreck! The salesperson denied it, almost acting offended we would even suggest it, saying it didn't mention a wreck in the Carfax report, blahblahblah.

He even got the Used Sales MGR, Collision MGR, another salesman, and a body collision specialist out there. "That painter's tape was NOT theirs, it must have been performed by the owner..." I looked at the body collision guy, and said hey, is this the tape you use in your shop? He didn't hesitate with his "Oh yes! That's ours" and grinned real big.

All the men in the business suits were caught in their redfaced lie. They had the audacity to suggest perhaps they DID indeed touch up some paint by perhaps a shopping buggy hitting it. (no joke)Before I left, disappointed in the car AND their lying ways, I was offered the car if they fixed the door at $300 off price. LMAO!!!!!!!

Then they called me later, saying it was my last chance before it went to dealer auction. What nerve.

Sorry, but I don't pay $4000 OVER KBB value on a vehicle, especially a previously wrecked one!Sewell Pre-Owned is simply a 2 million dollar mansion home with Termites and black mold.Don't let the location & Italian suits fool you, they will lie just like a greasy salesman on the "other side of the tracks" BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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